Twitch Witch

I forgot to eat dinner last night. Well, it's more accurate to say that I got caught up in a creative project and totally skipped eating dinner-- ever done that? Yeah, it sucks. However, since I went into obsessive mode, I did some serious webcam troubleshooting.

The issue? I have a Mac. Yes, I accept the limitations that go along with it like not being able to play PC-based games. However, for the first time, my Mac platform is proving extra-difficult with the webcams I'm using. Long story short, Logitech doesn't provide drivers to support adjustments of the webcam focus-- a huge problem when you're working on such a small scale. But I'm up for the challenge! I'd like to avoid giving my viewers vertigo when they watch my channel. 

I also did some basic maintenance on my Twitch account-- headers, offline message, etc. It's time-consuming but so exciting to see it come together! Next up is my profile information. But enough about all that stuff, let's see some pictures!

Here's where I ended last night:

The layering on her stockings is coming along slowly but surely. I did some major cleaning up of edges last night and putting some glazes over different parts of the miniature like boots and her cape. I'm realizing that being inspired by Blair's character means that everything's going to be black-on-black-on-black. Well, shoot. I'm going to find ways to incorporate more interest and color into this miniature. I think I'll give her silky stocking bands and give them that semi-opaque look. I'm also going to attempt to make her bodice interesting-- but I'm not sure how yet! I feel like I started with an interesting, yet flawed concept, ha! But not to worry, I think I can change it up just enough to get this rolling for this weekend. Better get to it-- more to come later :)