Reaper Artist Con Recap

I'm alive! I've had to take the last 2 days off of work after suffering from Con Crud-- it's nasty this year. I woke up just fine on Monday and by lunchtime I was starting to feel cold and my throat was sore. That night I was covered in blankets and shivering uncontrollably. The last two days have been quite miserable and I'm finally well enough to write a short blog post. Sorry for the delay! I plan on adding a bit more about the classes, but in the meantime I need a nap. Here's what I have so far:

I had a hard time getting to the Con because of the flash flooding, but I finally made it halfway through the first day. I kept my competition entry piece safe & sound in the cup holder.

I took really great classes at the Con, including Julie Guthrie's fur sculpting class, Jessica Rich's OSL class, and Aaron Lovejoy's basing class. Here are a few pictures I took in this order:

1. An example of one of Aaron's bases
2. Our materials for our hands-on base construction
3. My OSL work in progress
4. Getting started sculpting in Julie's class
5. My finished model-- first time sculpting fur!
6. An example of fur sculpted by Julie

I also left with some unexpected and awesome loot! Every year, a few "Tricks" are placed in the "Trick or Treat" con loot. This year, I was the lucky recipient of a rock! I've heard of them before but I've never actually seen them. Evidently they're pretty rare so I'm keeping it as a lucky charm! I also met Kevin (@KGXVII)  who makes some pretty amazing chainmail stuff. Over the last few months, I've followed the cool stuff he makes online. Kevin surprised me at the Con with a blue & green lanyard-- I love it! 

I have to say, the best loot I received at the Con was my Golden Crow-- 1st Place in the Halloween Painting Contest! I was blown away. This guy will sit next to my Bronze Crow I received last year when I got Third Place. I'm so excited and incredibly grateful :)

While I've yet to do an official little photoshoot with her, here are a few pictures I took once I finished her and before I packed her up and hit the road for ArtistCon!