Self Portrait by Mocha

Self Portrait by Mocha


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Call Me Mocha.

I hoard an obscene amount of miniatures and, on occasion, have been known to paint a few. While I'm no stranger to games, art, or the collection of tiny things, I was struck by a true "creative calling" the day I discovered miniature painting. Join me here every Monday as I share my hobby adventures and level up my painting skills.


I do accept commissions and I specialize in painting single figures. If you have a unique project or are looking for a player character mini for an upcoming tabletop campaign, please contact me at I'd be happy to discuss it with you!


1st Place - Bombshell Miniatures - ReaperCon 2016
Gold Medal - Diorama - ReaperCon 2016
Silver Medal - Painter's Division - ReaperCon 2016
Bronze Sophie - Diorama- ReaperCon 2016

Best of Category: Sci Fi - Las Vegas Open 2016
2nd Place - People's Choice Awards - Las Vegas Open 2016
Gold Medal - Las Vegas Open 2016
Silver Medals (x3) - Las Vegas Open 2016

Gold Medal - Painter's Division - ReaperCon 2015
Gold Medal - Diorama - ReaperCon 2015
Golden Sophie - Diorama - ReaperCon 2015

1st Place - Golden Crow - Reaper Artist Conference 2015
3rd Place - Golden Crow - Reaper Artist Conference 2014