ReaperCon Fun - Part 1

What. Just. Happened? I attended a whirlwind of ReaperCon fun and returned with two Gold Medals and a Golden Sophie. I'm shocked and truly humbled! 

Compare that with my Certificate of Merit from last year-- I've come a long way! With so many talented painters, sculptors, and mentors at this convention, I'm inspired to paint every week and continue to work on my painting skills. I'll write more about the classes I attended, upload my pictures, and share my detailed thoughts on the entire experience. But for now, I'm home safely and recovering from an amazing past few days! Here's what I took home and what pieces I entered:

ReaperCon 2015

ReaperCon Trophies 2015


Some of the pictures were photographed in some funky lighting. I also realized (after the fact) they picked up a lot of dust in my carrying case on the trip home. Whoops! Final photos to come soon on my main page.

  1. Corvus Belli - Infinity Hacker
  2. Dark Sword - Euterpe
  3. Reaper - Betty, Space Heroine + Illyrian Scout
  4. Hasslefree - Mystic Warrior Jen
  5. Reaper - Andromedan Hunter