ReaperCon Prep - Part 2

Last night I started panicking. I finally unboxed enough of my miniature supplies to set up my painting desk after the big move-- and I realized just how much I have to complete in less than a week. The good news is, after staring at my desk in wide-eyed horror for longer than I care to admit, I got it into gear and developed a game plan. This year, I want to enter a few things into the competition. Here's my plan:

  • Reaper Mini Diorama - 2 minis; technically a "Vignette" but it still qualifies for Diorama Category
  • Reaper Mini Mechanic - 15% done
  • Hasslefree Mini - done
  • Dark Sword Mini - in progress
  • Infinity Mini - mostly done
  • Group of Reaper Bonesylvanians (2 down & I'll paint as many as I can before the show)

Here's my Dark Sword mini progress so far!