Miniature Monday · October 19

Happy Miniature Monday! I did some work on Lord Ironraven this weekend & updated his WIP page. I never thought he'd turn out well enough for me to want to finish painting him. Honestly, he was just supposed to be a practice in silky fabric texture but has turned out to be much more!

Not only have I practiced silky fabric & TMM (True Metallic Metal), I'm trying blue/black hair and painting jewels on this mini. Below are the steps I took to paint the jewel on his shoulder armor section. [Click on the image for a larger view]

I'll need to get creative in how to make a respectable base post-paint job (shame!), but otherwise, I'm really happy with how he's turned out so far. I usually only try one or two new techniques per mini, but Lord Ironraven has been a study in silky fabric textures, TMM (True Metallic Metal), blue/black hair, and painting jewels on flat surfaces.

Today also launches the next Speed Paint Challenge! This time, the miniature suggested & chosen is a Hasslefree miniature: 

This time, the Speed Paint Challenge timeline is a bit different: we'll have one month to order, ship & paint this miniature for anyone who wants to participate. Everyone is welcome! On Monday, November 16th, we'll share our results through social media (using the #speedpaintchallenge via Twitter) and I'll be posting my own process here on my blog. The rules are still the same and we'll have four-hours-or-less to paint. I'll be ordering my Hasslefree miniature on Monday-- more information to come!

In other news, I'm relieved to report that the saga of the stray dogs has continued on to its next adventure. Over the last week I helped shelter two young strays from two powerful storms that blew in, and drove them across town to a vet who would examine and hold them for three days while I tried everything I could to find their owners. Sadly, it became apparent that they were abandoned, so I dipped into my miniature savings and paid for basic vet exams, flea medications, and admittance into a local, reputable shelter. I admit, I wish I could have taken them in and/or adopted them myself and it was so hard to say goodbye. One day, I'll have the means to foster & help more, but in the meantime, I know I did everything I could to help them. With a little more luck (which they've had plenty), they'll soon find their new & loving forever homes!