Reaper Artist Conference

Last-minute change of plans! I'm currently on the road and on my way to Denton, Texas to spend some time at the Reaper Artist Conference this weekend. More to come...

[updated] After 9 total hours on the road in the last 32, I'm here in DFW. Working remotely tomorrow thanks to my generous boss :) I'm happy to report that I'll be at RAC this weekend and enjoying a few classes & the company of fellow painting enthusiasts! I hope to see some friendly faces from last April's ReaperCon. Funny story-- since I was on the road when I heard about the painting contest, I'm having my brushes & Alucard mini shipped overnight to me. Miracle of miracles!

 Now if I had my choice (and could bend time or be in two places in once), I'd take each of these classes:

  • Julie Guthrie: Craft Your Own Creepy Halloween Tree - In this class, Julie Guthrie will teach you how to create moody and creepy trees perfect for Halloween dioramas for tabletop gaming applications. 
  • Bob Ridolfi: Craft Your Own Scenic Bases - In this class, Bob Ridolfi will teach you how to build scenic graveyard bases. 
  • Gene Van Horne: Basic Tool Making - In this class, Gene Van Horne will show students how to create just the right kind of tools useful for sculpting and converting miniatures. 
  • Michael Proctor: Shaded Metallics - Covers high-level shaded metallics techniques. If you want to excel at getting the most out of your metallic paints, this is the class for you! 
  • Jennifer Greenwald: Painting Modern Figures - Modern, as in, not fantasy guys, and not space marines. There are a few things to consider with modern figures - how to do denim. How to do guns. Since they tend to be simpler sculpts, what can you do to add interest? What kind of base do you put them on? 
  • Derek Schubert: Painting Monochrome - Much of painting monochrome is learning how to depict different materials and textures with a limited range of colors. This course covers that and the more general choices and techniques related to executing a convincing model in sepia, noir, or other monochrome schemes. 
  • Derek Schubert: Freehand Techniques - A class covering the painting of freehand designs onto surfaces such as cloaks and shields. Covers how to choose, simplify, and execute freehand designs and patterns. 

Of course, there are so many more great free classes being offered by many different knowledgeable & creative artists-- these are only a selection of what Reaper's making available. Can't wait!