Milliput Monday

Been sculpting bases with Milliput patching things up with superglue lately! Poor Carly McCarthy took a spill during the Las Vegas Open thanks to some well-meaning but clumsy hands of a con goer. She still needs some touch up work, but at least her parts are glued back together :) I never did finish her to the level that I wanted– I intended to paint her boots and hat with more detail and add some transparency to her stockings.

On a completely random note, I put some color in my hair for the first time ever. I decided to go with a dark orchid color. I couldn't be happier, especially when sunlight hits it :) I figure if I've learned not to be afraid of bold colors in painting miniatures, I should apply that philosophy to my own personal expression!

Speaking of happy colors, I donned my purple safety gloves and got messy with basing! It's taken me 3 years to use Milliput in sculpting bases and wearing gloves ensures that it doesn't stick to my fingers when I try to mix it. It also helps with the whole, er, toxic thing. I used a mixture of yellow-grey Milliput, bark, small clay rocks, and ballast in Fiama's base. I used the Milliput like most people would use putty or green stuff in order make the wood chips blend together as if they were a grouping of rocks.

To give the base a more interesting composition, I added a tunnel in the rock outcropping and placed a meerkat in one of the openings. It's the first time I've used an element like this and the size of this ferret-looking creature was perfect for the scale. Here is where I started (below left) and the work in progress photos as I added Milliput and superglued rocks in clusters around the base. While I was planning to add foliage to the tree, I like the idea of Fiama trekking through a scorched, barren wasteland, save for a few stubborn, sturdy creatures! Now that I've put a coat of primer on it, it's time to think of what colors to paint the base. I'm currently waiting for the rest of her parts (a mace and a shield) to dry with two thin layers of primer. We're getting there! I just need to touch up her elbow and arm and then I can glue those last two parts on!

Also, look what arrived in the mail today: The Foldio360 based on a Kickstarter I backed in February (thanks to @Snickernacks for clueing me into this!) Basically, it's a turntable that you can photograph rotating 360-degree images of your products– sounds perfect for miniatures :) I'll have to have an unboxing party and take pictures along the way as soon as I open it. Can't wait!