Home Sick

So I'm home sick with a head cold, which is unfortunate. However, that means blog time! What have I been up to lately? Cleaning for company since my hobby room was a MESS and I knew guests would need to stay in that room. I think it was a successful transformation:

I also invested in more Kingdom Death minis after being convinced by a friend (thanks a lot, Clint). "You'll paint them... eventually!" so I picked up:

  1. Sci-fi Flower Knight (First Run Collector's Edition)
  2. Sci-fi White Speaker
  3. Before The Wall
  4. Pinup Order Knight
  5. Percival

I've also been working on (CMON) Fiama's bracers and (Reaper) Cheetah Girl, who I've renamed Puma Girl because I won't be painting her a cheetah. Without further ado, work in progress photos!

Okay, time for a nap. More to come later!