Kingdom Death WIP: Twilight Knight

I haven't finished painting a Kingdom Death mini yet. I know, it's disgraceful, isn't it? I haven't worked on Twilight Knight for 26+ weeks according to Instagram. I figure it's about time I picked her back up. She taunts me from the Shelf of Shame. I imagine she says, "What? Are you intimidated– afraid to paint me? I know how much you've spent on Kingdom Death miniatures in the last year and you haven't finished a single one of us. SHAME! I'm already halfway done. You should paint me. And for the love of all things holy, PLEASE glue my freaking head on already!"

So I did. Glue her head on at least. I spent so much time painting her back only to realize her cape would cover it. Ugh. Here's where I left off months ago, and here's where I ended up last night:


However, something was missing (and not her head this time). I painted up the skin with unearthly pinks and purples, and the gems on her legs and sword hilt were bothering me. I tried to work some green into the tied strip on her sword, but it still didn't make sense visually. I thought the green standing out against her skin would be a good thing, but after re-evaluating half-a-year-later, I realized I never really liked it. So I used purple glazes to change the color and switched up the highlights a bit. I like it much better! The purple ties in the skin so much better and your eye moves around the miniature more freely. Now to decide what color to paint the cape and rework a few parts of her sword, change the color of her belt from grey metal to studded brown leather, and paint her hair. Oh, and the base. Right... so I may have more to do on this miniature than I thought but hey, I'm no longer intimidated by her! In fact, I'm really happy with how the skin turned out with the darker violet glazing.


She no longer looks like a pink marshmallow Twilight Knight– hooray! Maybe that's why she was so grumpy...

Have a great week! Until next time :)