New Job 2016

**Update 3/31/16

Hi all! I start my new job today at Global. This should be fun :) I'm in training all day and can't wait to come home and set up my hobby room. I'm finally getting over my cold and feel well enough to tackle this mess.

**UPDATE** A few days into my brand new hybrid job and I've been working late each night. I'm trying to strike a balance between my old job and my new job. I'm essentially working for two teams right now and trying to manage new expectations on both sides. It's been a real challenge but I'm passionate about supporting both teams!

I finally had some time after dinner to work on "my space" and, as you can see, I emptied several moving boxes and organized things to make for two nice "Before & After" pictures:





It feels really nice to sit here with a glass of Malbec in hand and think of how I want to arrange this room. I'll definitely need a magazine rack for my painting/design mags. I've never had this much space to myself and I'll definitely need some additional shelving! I get a healthy amount of natural light through the big windows and it'll make for enjoyable painting on the weekends. I can't wait until I get some time to paint! It's been weeks since I've had personal time to spend doing what I love. In fact, it's making me a bit crazy having not painted in weeks.

I sent off my harpies and they should be arriving any day now. I hope the shopping box of doom turned out okay. They were super delicate and I was so paranoid that they'd be damaged en route: 

In any case, it's about time I started on a new commission. I think this will fit the bill! It's been awhile since I've painted a badass female warrior. I can't wait!  


The best news is, after three weeks of waiting, we'll finally have internet! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to come home and get on the Internet. Free wifi cafes are barely reliable and with how little free time I have, it's been a real struggle. Hopefully this is the last blog post I have to write using my phone keypad! We should be back to the new normal by Monday. Thank goodness! Until then :)