The Results are In

Ok, so I know it's not Thursday yet, but I'm posting a day early:

After some encouragement from a new painting friend, I jumped into the Reaper Miniature Forum's Works In Progress thread. Basically, I needed help. I had more minis that I started painting than minis that I had actually completed. Two weeks went by and I'd been going back & forth between painting 6+ miniatures, with no apparent focus-- only adding miniatures as I got stumped by another. Coincidentally, this mirrors my former WoW play style: Bored? In the Outlands? Not enough time for a full dungeon crawl? Make another alt character!

With the helpful votes of my fellow forumites, the next miniature I will complete is Reaper Miniature #14028 - Gargoyle (or as I now call him, Scruffy):


He's missing a weapon & has suffered some chips. I'll be patching him up and his projected completion date is May 31st. While I wanted to complete it within one week, I failed to consider that within that time frame, my husband graduates from dental school, we'll have friends & family in town this weekend, I work on Memorial Day, and I have an out-of-state work day trip planned next Tuesday. It's the worst week to try and finish a mini but no need to start making excuses now :) Let the painting begin!