Road Trips & Beaches

The last few days have been incredible. My husband graduated on Friday from dental school and my in-laws rented a beach house where we celebrated with family & friends all weekend. After the graduation ceremony, we hit the road:


The beach house was beautiful-- built right on the beach just a short walk away from the water! While the hurricanes had kicked up lots of red seaweed that washed up on shore, we were able to enjoy the sand & sun from the wrap-around deck. The pups loved it too!

photo 5.JPG

My husband and I enjoy both tabletop and console gaming. While my husband didn't grow up with "game nights", over the past few years, we've been actively trying to convert my mother-in-law to tabletop gaming. This trip was no exception! We played 7 Card Samurai and I have to say-- I think it was a hit! We played 5 rounds and it was a close game in the end. I tried a few different strategies, and in the end I favored the steal-rice-early-and-defend-quickly strategy. (I won!) 

7 Card Samurai

7 Card Samurai

Before the whirlwind of awesome hit, I made sure to make time for miniature painting between my last post and this trip-- and here he is! I brightened the stony Gargoyle up with a green wash, applied my first series of highlights on his skin, put a base coat on the armor, and focused on finishing the runes on the column. I still have a ways to go-- stay tuned!