Experiments in Weathering

I don't like weathering. I'm fighting it kicking and screaming. As unrealistic as it may be, especially for barbarians and monsters, I like to paint things as pristine and flawless as possible. The idea of taking an old brush and spattering rust pigments on metal I've painstakingly blended sounds terrible. However, I really want to be able to appreciate weathering and be able to incorporate it into my wheelhouse of stuff-I-can-paint so I'm jumping in to give it a chance. Today, I'm going to risk ruining a painted miniature and give it a try.

My victim chosen for this torture, ironically enough, is a torturer. The Domina of Torment from Avatars of War is a pretty nasty lady and the grotesque piercings were fun to paint. I can't believe her clothing is held up by hoops pierced in her skin. And the nipple piercings? Yikes! Here's her lovely official description:

Dominas of Torment are beings of a grotesque and sinister beauty specializing in subjecting enemies to horrific and endless physical and mental torture with inhuman cruelty to quench their thirst for pain.

Her only presence will terrorize the enemy for it is told that the torture of a prisoner can last for days. Once satisfied the Domina of Torment will end the suffering of her victim by executing him in the most humiliating and frightening way.
— www.avatars-of-war.com

She sounds like a real nice lady, huh? She's gone from primed to painted in about 5 hours, although in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have taken the time to blend all that NMM before cramming pigment into it, but oh well. We're learning!

I'm using Tamiya Clear Red for blood on the edge of her metal blade and talons as well as my new Secret Weapon Rust Brown and Violet weathering pigments. I'm going with the uncomplicated tactics. While I could get fancy with sponges and sealants, I'm going with this method: dip a damp brush, smoosh it in the crevasses, grimace and hope it turns out alright in the end. I admit, it really does look more "authentic", especially for this evil creature who probably prefers torturing people with rusted blades. While weathering is growing on me, I need to take a break, step back, and re-evaluate. Is the pigment dark enough in the creases? Is it applied too smooth? Should there be texture? I left her leg untouched by the weathering to see the difference and woah, the clean metal looks really out of place. I'll finish the chains on her back as well as her leg guard once I have the technique down. I'll need to do some research and find examples of something similar done well since it's not quite there yet. Still, I'm excited I've finally started down this road of weathering. It's about time!

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