The Drop Off

I dropped off the map again for over a week. When I say I've committed to posting every Monday and Thursday, I mean it. If I'm not keeping up with my posts, it means I'm not keeping up with a big part of my personal happiness. I become, what I call, "pangry" just like "hangry" = hungry + angry. "Pangry" is a state when I'm unable or unwilling to paint and I'm, frankly, insufferable-- and I pride myself on being a very nice person. Currently, I have a lot of change going on in my life and last night I broke down and escaped to my painting table. 


I'm still searching for personal peace & balance. I've started a new early morning workout program 3-4 times per week with more personal accountability. Now that my metabolism is starting to function properly, I wake up starving and cranky. So the Other Half (we'll call him O.H. from now on) sent me a link to an "angry, motivational workout song" by Rob Bailey with explicit lyrics like "I kill 'cause I'm hungry" and "Gonna carry this s--- on my f---ing back". When paired with this random picture of a baby bunny wearing a backpack, it makes me smile every time. 

Other than that, I've been traveling for work and to visit family in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Little Rock. While my new job will be less travel for me in the long run, it hasn't shown signs of slowing down just yet. 

Feb Travel 3.jpg
Feb Travel 4.jpg
Feb Travel 5.jpg

I also snapped this picture during one of my road travels-- my new favorite accidental billboard combination:

Wet Your Pants.jpg

Now back to painting! 

WIP Feb 17.jpg

Last night I was all over the place once I sat down at my painting table. My painting approach was chaotic and unfocused-- very fitting considering how I was feeling at the time. However, I chose to embrace the fact that I was unwilling to make decisions on what to paint, how to paint it, and in which order. I painted thin  layers of skin color on Euterpe, the eyes of my barbarian woman Janna, the skin and purple cloak on the handless Elori miniature I love (I don't know when or how her scythe hand broke off but I'm painting her anyway), and very simple base coats of bright red on a Reptus Skullbreaker. Now that I hopefully have that out of my system, I'd like to finish one of these miniatures in the next week. It's too soon to say which one it will be. I'd like to bet on it being Janna, but you just never know!

Barbarian face.jpg