Speed Paint Challenge #2

Happy Miniature Monday! These are some exciting times, my friends. What recently started as an every-other-week challenge to a fellow miniature painter seems to have gained momentum. I started using a #speedpaintchallenge hashtag on Twitter and with the help of a few retweets, now more miniature painters are joining in. Hooray for social media! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Last week, it was decided that the Speed Paint Challenge would be Reaper Miniature Bones #77131. 

The Rules: 4-hour Limit. 7 Colors + Black & White.

Sept 14 Paint Palette.jpg

My Paint Color Choices · Left to Right:

  1. Leadbelcher [Citadel]
  2. Blue Liner [Reaper]
  3. Muddy Brown [Reaper]
  4. Deep Red [Reaper]
  5. Blood Red [Reaper]
  6. Golden Highlight [Reaper]
  7. Golden Shadow [Reaper]
  8. (Black) Brown Liner [Reaper] 
  9. (White) Linen White [Reaper]

The Results

Face sept 15

Work In Progress Photos

My Approach

I decided to break down the time limit to eight 30-minute increments. I keep notes on paint color and overall strategy throughout the process.

Notes sept 15
  1. Base Coats: Boots, Hair, Gloves, Belt
  2. Cleaning up sections with Exact-O (since I didn't have access to one earlier)
  3. Leather & Skin Base Coats
  4. Boots (my favorite part of this mini) 
  5. Face
  6. Weapons & Shirt
  7. Details base coats (belt, pouches, torso section), Highlight Leathers
  8. Details highlights, Hair Highlights, Base

So there you have it-- another Speed Paint Challenge completed! Once again, I gained some great experience in both speed and skill. I stand firm in my belief that a little pre-planning goes a long way when painting within time limits. I'm really happy with how she turned out given only 4 hours. In fact, I have the sudden urge to go out and buy a matching pair of those awesome boots!