Secret Sophie 2016 WIP

Once again, I entered the Secret Sophie exchange on the Reaper forum (more info here). Last year, I painted a fox archer for the gift exchange and sent it off to my mystery person on the other side of the country, which they were very pleased with when they received it ^_^ In turn, I received a beautiful winter witch, basing materials, and chocolate from my partner last year and it made my month! The painted mini exchange is a great way to share in the holiday spirit and keep painting during one of the busiest times of the year! 

I decided to send two painted miniatures this year. One of the minis I'll send is a Sandra Garrity sculpt that's been knocking around the bottom of one of my "Will Paint Someday" boxes. Since my Secret Sophie partner says he needs a paladin and ranger for upcoming campaigns, I decided to break out my metallic paints and paint some life into him!

Unfortunately, I had a hard time deciding on my second painted miniature, and I either thought of sending another paladin-type, Kale Nolan, or a hunter character, Arthrand Nightblade. So I let Twitter decide:

Arthrand Nightblade won by one vote and I wasted no time cleaning and priming him. I also looked up a few examples of how he's painted in the past. While there are many nicely painted examples of him already, I wanted to choose a different color scheme than the classic ranger greens and browns.

I chose a blue and cream color scheme for my main colors– the rest will be neutral browns. I'll paint lighter, worn leather (or maybe linen?) wraps around his quiver and darker browns for his boots and bow. I still haven't decided on his hair color though...

So far so good! I'll have more to show after the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone has a wonderful extended weekend :) See you back here soon!