I started this weekend organizing my paints, cleaning the house in anticipation of guests, and trying to sneak in a little painting time before navigating the Thanksgiving holiday. I realized I've now accumulated enough paint to fill three of my paint racks and then some! I love these paint racks-- they're one of My Favorite Miniature Things that I wrote about last December. I can easily see the paint colors and they can also sit flat so I can store them in drawers. I'm still considering acquiring some upright paint racks that you can place on your desk, but for now, these are working for me!

Other than that, I'm happy that my sister was able to travel and spend Thanksgiving with us-- we played some card games, cooked, hung out with the our "furry kids" and watched Casino Royale.

I did my best to get some painting in the day before, despite some feline setbacks. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want your paint desk? Well too bad, it's occupied."

I managed to paint most of Carla's face, despite the severe 30-degree drop in temperature that day. The weather really messed with my paint consistency! The colder it became, the thicker my paint seemed to become. That's new to me!

Other than that, I've been gearing up to start a new batch of minis that I'm really excited about. I'm putting togethersomething for a Secret Santa painted miniature exchange before the holidays-- it's a bit of a secret now but I'll share more about it in my next post!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving here in the states and for those traveling abroad. I'd also like to take the time to give thanks for my blessings and appreciate those who support me in this hobby, whether it's kind words of encouragement or sharing their knowledge and experience. We all have things to be thankful for, and sometimes the biggest joys in life come in the tiniest packages -- literally :)