Moving Day

Monday was moving day. I hate moving. Actually, no, that's not true– I hate packing and unpacking (which, arguably, is the definition of moving but whatever). Two days before the move, I avoided packing and finished my Sodapop Miniatures "Marie-Claude" chibi. Shes the same one I received during Miniature Mistress's "Painting Chibis" class at the Las Vegas Open. I'm exceedingly happy with how she turned out! It took a while to photograph her, and I bought an additional lamp to minimize the shadows.

I still don't have a "proper" lighting setup, but I adjust the camera to capture the most realistic version of the miniature. My previous pictures have been a bit too washed out, and I'm pleased at what a difference it made by lowering the camera's brightness/exposure setting before taking the photograph. Now the photo image looks just as bright and rich as the actual miniature! Excellent.

Once I did start packing, I became frustrated very quickly. You never realize just how much stuff you have until you have to move it. I started with my paints and the green plastic wrap made a HUGE difference. The stayed put and I didn't have to re-organize them at the new place– such a relief! If you're moving and have your paints in holders or racks, I highly recommend investing in that plastic wrap roller (not the plastic wrap you use for food; the packing-plastic with the easy rolling dispenser with a handle). Packing my desk was another challenge altogether. I opened the drawers and immediately wanted to give up. However, I stayed up until 2:30am and made sure it was done right. I attached my miniatures to my Tablewar case with putty and drove those to the new house while tucked safely in my car.

Other than that, this week's a bit of a bust regarding weekend paint sessions *BUT* I have great news: I have my own hobby room for the first time ever! I haven't done much else but place boxes, my desk, and a couch in this room, but it's something :) I have a long way to go before I'll be ready to paint again!

Can't. Wait. :)