Mono Mocha

I'm alive! It's a miracle ^_^

I've been down-for-the-count since mid-February with Mononucleosis. Basically, you're sick for 6-8 weeks with spikes in fever, nausea, headaches and sore throat throughout that time. It's like having the flu– only it lasts a helluva lot longer. Anyway, I'm finally over it and able to paint again. Thank. Goodness. On the bright side, my Netflix and Crunchyroll stamina has greatly improved. I watch the entire first season of Attack on TItan and the first 3 episodes of Season 2 in one day. Now that is some otaku dedication. Also, the new reboot for Mystery Science Theater 3000 is out on Netflix and I love it.

I also played Stardew Valley on PS4 while I was in bed (and not working from home) and finally mastered the art of fishing, which is damn hard at first. If you've ever played Harvest Moon, it's similar to that– plus elements of Minecraft– and the game features some oddly-adult concepts. For example, as you go about your farming and charming of the community, you become more familiar with the personalities and hardships of the residents. Shane, a character in the game you can marry, is a depressed alcoholic. At one point, you find him blackout drunk at the edge of a cliff, wondering whether he should throw himself off. Your character has a few choices in responses and afterwards, he seeks help and goes to rehab in the city nearby. He comes back to start his own chicken farm and thanks you for your intervention. They definitely didn't have things like that in Harvest Moon! And that's just one dude of the 28 people you interact with. The graphics are old school, but that's only off-putting until you get hooked into the game– then you can't get enough! I've played over 75+ hours of the game so far and I'm in Year 3, Spring. Oh, and the best part? It was $15. Well worth the investment ;)

Since I wasn't really feeling up to painting during the last month, I was able to cut, file, and clean a healthy amount of my Kingdom Death miniatures. I've completely assembled a few, though most I have to partially assemble and paint sections before attaching the rest of the pieces. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to reach certain areas with the paint brush since pieces overlap so closely. One I was able to fully assemble was the Latern Pinup:


Once I did get back to painting, I worked on the Effin Cool Minis Djinn– she's 95% done! I just need to finish the bottom or the brazier, clean up the back of her hair, and add a few Spruce Green glazes for a bit of OSL effect. In the end, I decided not to give her eyebrows, though I really did consider it.

Once I'm done with her, I'll be taking some nice final photos. Then, I'm going to finish this lovely lady from Bombshell Miniatures:

Wu Ling Shu - Bombshell