Kingdom Death

I've been out feverishly sick for the last three days.  I was hoping to do some great painting during that time, but alas, the universe had other plans for me. I've gone through an entire box of tissue and things have come out of my nose that no human being should ever see. However, during that time I discovered Kingdom Death miniatures thanks to my friend and fellow painting enthusiast Cash Wiley. Cash enables the hoarder in me and posted about the Flower Witch miniature, which is now Out of Stock. Supposedly they all sold out in about 6 hours! Understandably, since she's a stunning figure:

Image references from the  Kingdom Death store website

Image references from the Kingdom Death store website

I admit I spent what was left of my Christmas budget on a few of their miniatures. I mean, c'mon, everyone sets aside a little something for themselves during all that holiday shopping... right? So I bought the Pinups of Death Hard Plastic Collection which contains: 

A collection of the first 8 pinups released by Kingdom Death remastered and tooled in hard plastic. The flagship pinups previously only released in resin are the perfect introduction to Kingdom Death hard plastic. The set is packaged in a deluxe kraft wrapped with original artwork by Lokman Lam. Each box makes 8 miniatures and contains:

•Pinup White Speaker
•Pinup Forsaker
•Pinup Savior
•Pinup Great Game Hunter
•Pinup Survivor
•Pinup Preacher
•Pinup Twilight Knight
•Pinup Architect
•8 2-part Kingdom Death 30mm round bases
•A stylish black envelope containing 8 art cards, one for each pinup.
•PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster settlement event. A special event that can occur in your settlement.
•PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster gear. A unique piece of survivor armor gear to commemorate the pinup release.

While they're not the usual resin miniatures that you find in their individually-sold figures, I think that for the price, the hard plastic versions are a good value.

Now before we fall into the obvious trap arguing about the finer details of sexism, let me first say that, from my perspective as a woman, I think the majority Kingdom Death miniatures are beautiful. They're detailed, expressive, stunning examples of stylized miniature sculpture. If Marcel Duchamp could deem a urinal "art", then we can agree that the concept of art is linked to our varying personal and individual perceptions. Some are much more suggestive (or have a cape made of male genetalia), and those kinda creep me out, so I don't buy them-- not on moral grounds, only because they just wouldn't be as fun for me to paint.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

Since I value keeping things positive and respectful, I will say this: I would not necessarily choose to display the original concept art in prominent areas of my home. However, I do think Lockman Lam's concept art is dynamic, wonderfully rendered, and sure, "sexy". We all know the difference between realistic and stylized artistic choices-- we all have imaginations and I know that men don't actually look like the animated characters in "Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie". Seriously, when each of the male characters are introduced in this pastry-chef-themed anime, they sparkle. And that's after the opening song where they fly around on fancy pastries in space. Just saying, the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Still, some part of my brain is amused by this stuff, just like I'm amused by the busty bombshells in evocative poses from the Kingdom Death Pinup line-- it's not meant to be real. It's meant to be someone's artistic craft enjoyed by either many or few. 

Life is too short to waste on petty fears and the critical judgement of ourselves or others. None of us should be so self-important as to look down upon one another for what we collect & enjoy (unless it's collecting human ears or something. That's just gross.) At the end of the day, we all have a personal choice whether or not to purchase these types of commodities. Bearing that in mind, I will continue to grin and watch "Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie" & collect and paint Kingdom Death miniatures.