Kickstarter Madness

I'm out of control. I blame Yeji (aka "Snickersnacks") for pretending my minor addition is "normal". I've been involved in too many Kickstarters in the last few weeks:

Reaper Bones III: The Search for Mr. Bones

The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes

...and the Ninja All-Stars I joined late:

I'm broke. But since I'm going without wine this month and I haven't bought clothes or shoes in the last year, I'm saving quite a bit? (Yeah, I'm just trying to rationalize at this point). I should probably mention at this point that I'm "pangry" since I haven't painted in awhile. I'm angry about not painting. Sure, I've painted an hour here or there, but I haven't had the satisfaction of the 3+ mini painting marathons I love so much. Every time I convince myself I have time to paint, I'm off to another project (world of podcasts, woot!) or traveling (family stuff!) or working after hours (ok there's no fun in this, let's be honest). Either that or I have to go to the grocery store or cook or go workout-- all the annoying things that I have to do since I'm adult. Boo. Oh, and I still need to choose my perks in the Kickstarters above. That takes ages for me. When I do sit down to paint, I'm grumpy and have painter's block. We actually talked about this on the most recent podcast you can listen to here:


Join Larry, Yeji, Clint and Mocha as they talk about painters block and some of the ways they have beat it!

Posted by Models Workshop on Monday, September 14, 2015

Now that my foot is mostly repaired and just bruised, I'm ready to paint-- though I'm fighting the urge to finish "The Martian" that I picked up this past weekend when traveling. It's excellent. I don't have much more to say about it than go read it. Even if you don't like space. Seriously. And if you do happen to like space, orbital engineering, or survivor-thrillers, you'll love it even more. 


Other than that, the rain's finally stopped, so I'm going to do some outdoor spray priming. Enough talking about painting, let's actually do some painting tonight! I'm so close to finishing Bailey, the only miniature I've ever painted two versions of (and the second miniature I ever painted). I only have her dagger to paint, arm to attach and after a few highlights-- she'll be done! I can't wait to put them side-by-side and see how far I've come since 2012.