Hill Country Adventure

Over the past two days, I've been in the Hill Country at our annual Team Build. Each year, we gather the entire team of co-workers for collaborations and camaraderie. At the end of our meetings, we have a White Elephant activity-- this year I totally lucked out:

TNG Pez.jpg

After a fairly restless night's sleep (due to the grating snores from a co-worker in the next room), I enjoyed a few minutes to myself on an upstairs balcony early in the foggy morning. Having no access to wi-fi or a computer, I actually enjoyed being unplugged from technology for a bit. 

After that, we were off to our morning activity-- a river tour in a glass-bottomed boat, aquifer museum, and strolling around a town square searching for weird & cool things. I bought two books and, had there been more time, I would have stopped into a sandwich shop & gaming cafe called "Hungry Gamer". Love this place's concept!

Now, I'm safely home after five hours in terrible, traffic-heavy rain. Winding down & then I'm off to paint!