Cyber Monday 2016

I went overboard on Cyber Monday. More on that later.

I've been painting the Reaper Barbarian lady for my sister-in-law for the upcoming annual holiday D&D game we'll be playing this weekend. In the last week, I've traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I visited her in the icy wonderland. It was beautiful, but incredibly cold at -2 degrees. The Reaper hunter on the right, is for my Secret Sophie painted miniature exchange. In both of the miniatures, I've painted several gems, and I've been improving in my technique:


Back to Cyber Monday– like I mentioned, I went overboard. I bought things from Secret Weapon, Raging Heroes, Reaper Miniatures (x2), Miniature Market and backed Soda Pop's most recent Kickstarter.

I bought the Pigment Fixer, Masterclass Water Effects and Crushed Glass from Secret Weapon miniatures for $21.79 including shipping. Not so bad, considering it will last me a long while for many icy miniature landscapes similar to the Minnesota landscape I experienced last week!

What else did I buy? Well, I bought a few things from the following manufacturers during their limited promotions:

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

Raging Heroes:
1x Drusilla and Trevor - Exclusive Limited Edition (free mini with orders over 99€)
1x Heroes Box KST 6: The Kurganov
1x WereSheWolf Zagrath (KST)
1x Skaarlys - Skaarlys
1x Sashenka, Yaga Soul-Weaver (KST) - Sashenka - White metal
1x Foxy Dynamite, Infiltration Specialist (JB) - Foxy - Resin
1x Asharah SF (28mm) - 28 mm

12 Days of Reaper

December 7: 01590 Naughty & Nice · Bob Ridolfi

01551: Christmas Knight (9.99) x1
01596: Winter Fairy (0.00) x1
03760: Adventuring Kids #1 (2) (7.49) x1
03764: Merrowyn Lightstar, Female Elf Paladin (7.29) x1
03765: Highlander Heroine (7.99) x1
60204: Aric of Halvon (7.29) x1

December 18: 01596 Joy, Winter Fairy · Bobby Jackson

01550: Christmas Eve (9.99) x1
01578: Carol, Christmas Bard (9.99) x1
01579: Sir Ulther, Christmas Knight (9.99) x1
74042: Graveyard Display Base (12.99) x1


Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild - Spigot (Thanksgiving Sale)  
Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild - Starter Set (Thanksgiving Sale)  
Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild - Tenderiser (Thanksgiving Sale)   
Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild - Scum (Thanksgiving Sale)    STFBBRE01003   
Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild - Truffles (Thanksgiving Sale)    STFGBBUT02003   
Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild - Starter Set    STFBBUT01001
Guild Ball: Brewer's Guild - Starter Set    STFBBRE01001  

Soda Pop
Soda Pop Way of the Fighter

I backed Way of the Fighter Kickstarter the other week and opted in for the "Super Dungeon Spectator" pledge plus the "Turbo Miniatures" pack. I didn't splurge for the Miniature pledge, since I wanted to paint the miniatures, but didn't think it likely that I'd play the actual game. It looks like a cool game, but I don't have a dedicated group that gets together for tabletop gaming (maybe one day!) Here are the details of what I backed:

Super Dungeon Spectator

This pledge is designed for the Super Dungeon fan who wants the Super Dungeon Cosplay models, and access to the pledge manager to be able to make optional purchases.

Super Dungeon Cosplay: Blazing Soul Candy
All Free Super Dungeon Cosplay Stretch Goals

Turbo Minis Pack

Now I need to go eat my meager ramen lunch because I spent all my money on Cyber Monday. Good grief.