My Weekend of Hoarding & Stripping

I have a small treasure trove of miniatures I've collected over the past several years. This Friday night I did some cleaning and decided to organize my hoard. Here's the "before" picture:

Miniature Hoard.JPG

I also organized my rack of colorful paints (my neutrals are kept in a shoebox):

I also stripped my miniatures that had been poorly primed and left to collect dust. I went out and purchased gloves since I'd be scrubbing the heck out of them with Citristrip:

Stripping Paint.JPG

And here they are! Much better. 


After that, I did some more work on Maralise-- she's 95% finished. I just need to go in and give her face some more shadows, finish up her staff, and figure out what kind of a base I'm going to give her. I know, I know, I should have thought of that before I painted her. Lesson learned! 

Other than that, it was such a nice & relaxing weekend. I watched some World Cup soccer while I painted and rested before the upcoming work marathon-- my next day off will be June 28th. However, I'll hold myself accountable for continuing to blog every Monday & Thursday during the mayhem. Let the challenge begin!