Freehand Fun

I admit, freehand has intimidated me in the past. So I decided to buy two of this miniature and try weird stuff on the first paint-through. In case all went downhill in a spiral of painted drama (because every once and awhile it does), I knew I'd have a backup! This mini was all about trying new things outside of my comfort zone. 

Apart from painting on her mouth and giving her super-shiny anime eyes, I wanted to focus on Tish's dress and practice painting contrasting black & white. I added some swirly motif elements to her sleeves and some red & white striping. (And now that I'm seeing her photographed, I need to go in and clean up the right sleeve edge). I also painted on a red and white band on her upper torso. I played with the idea of blending the black & white and adding stylized vinyl-looking highlights on the lower part of her dress, making it look shiny. I've never tried that before and while I could do more blending like around her bust area, I kind of like the stylized spider web effect it has. 

I have a few more things to do, including blending out her eye makeup for a smooth makeup-to-skin transition, and I may even try a tiny border along the bottom edge of her red cloak. All in all, this was a really great way for me to remove myself from the "safe" painting choices I tend to make and a nice practice in trying something new. At the very least, I'm no longer intimidated by freehand and I have many more ideas I'd like to try in the future!