Elise the Witch · october 2015

I chose Elise the Witch, a Reaper miniature, to paint as my Halloween-themed miniature for Reaper Artist Con this October. Fair warning: she definitely embodies the "sexy witch" stereotype (a.k.a. beware = partial nudity). Sporting a wedgie-inducing bikini bottom and gravity-defying corset, a look that only works on Victoria's Secret models and fantasy miniatures, this sassy lady was a ton of fun to paint! I continue to apply the knowledge I learned from Jessica Rich's "Painting Hot Chicks" class I took two years ago as I focused on blending and highlighting her warm skin tone.

I also challenged myself with three completely new techniques: Freehand, Sheer Fabrics, and painting on Twitch. I painted a starry sky on the inside of her cloak and skeleton-like gloves on each of her hands. I also painted the front of her nylon stockings as if it were a semi-transparent fabric. While both were a challenge, I'm glad I tried something new-- I learned a lot during the process. I was able to share most of the basic painting steps on Twitch too (minus the new techniques that I slogged through trial & error phases late into the night). I look forward to expanding on my freehand skills since I've only scratched the surface at this point. I'm extremely proud of how she turned out and happy to report that she won first place at the Reaper Artist Con. Awesome!

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