Wobbly Wednesday

Last week I was totally irresponsible. After mourning two family members in the last two months, moving to a new city while paying for two places until new tenants move into our old place (and dealing with our soon-to-be-former landlord's rude realtor), our new house flooded Monday. I give up. Since I wasn't going anywhere and the squishy wood floors and the deafening industrial floor fans were driving me absolutely crazy, I drank too much wine and painted late into the evening. I may have taken some goofy miniature-painting selfies. Yeah, that happened.

I also couldn't make any decisions-- I had been making them all day at work and at home, so when I sat down to paint, I was mentally and creatively exhausted. I still forced myself to paint so I asked other people to make them for me: 

"What should I paint first?" [the little one]

Which One.jpg

"I think I'm going to paint her cloak red & purple. Does that sound good?" [sure]

"What color should her eyes be?"  [green]

"Should she have makeup? [yes] What kind?" [Bold red lips]

It may sound silly, but that idea was the key to unlocking a Paint-By-Numbers approach that didn't tax my brain. I was able to paint late into the night and not be emotionally-attached to my mini. Otherwise, I second-guess my decisions and become extremely frustrated if it didn't turn out the way I originally envisioned. 

Here's where I was just getting started on the miniature face...


...and where I ended up at the end. 

She's a little chunky in the face and her mouth is a bit sloppy but I have to say, she turned out better than expected (especially considering the amount of wine consumed during that paint session). It was fun, but not something I'll repeat any time soon-- that next day was rough! I've painted a bit more on her since then and cleaned up the corners of her mouth. I love painting leather and skin, so that's what's next before I tackle any metals. I'm going with a Little Red Riding Hood theme on this one and I'm looking forward to painting her more tonight. 

LOL check out the cat fur that's found its way onto to the sticky base