Trollblood Complete!

Happy Miniature Monday! While these pictures are not high quality (taken with my iPhone), I wanted to show you the first plastic/resin miniature I've ever painted! Final pictures to come. In the meantime: behold, the Privateer Press Trollblood:


What I learned:

1. Plastic/Resin seems to be much harder to clean up than pewter. Prior to painting, I should have taken more time to identify & smooth the mold lines.

2. Painting metal is my personal Kryptonite. While I like painting skin, faces, and leather, metal is not beautiful. It's full of cracks, chips, wear & tear, and I find it difficult to paint. It's tricky-- the light falls in different places and reflects in unexpected ways. 

3. His weapon needs more interest. I want to learn how to paint corrosion and/or gore on weaponry.