Sticky Things

I'm on a hunt for the best of the best sticky stuff that works for me. I'm fairly picky about my sticky stuff-- so much that I won't use the plain poster putty people prefer. Have I mentioned I like alliteration? Anyway, I've been using the 1x1" Scotch Restickable Tabs for Mounting. Previously, I used the foam tape which would leave residue and sticky foam bits on the bottom of my miniature. I chose the restickable tabs since they're not permanent, but they're not strong enough to hold up to long sessions of painting under the lamps. I much prefer the sticky tape over the sticky putty, but I'm staying open-minded!

This week I'll be trying these out and writing about the pros & cons of each:

  1. Locktite's Fun-Tak Mounting Tabs
  2. Scotch Permanent Clear Mounting Tape
  3. UHU tac

Other than that, I started my Speed Paint Challenge! I had less than an hour, so I chose to pick out most of my paints and work on him for about 30 minutes laying down base coats for his robe and scroll. He's looking pretty rough right now, but he'll come together soon enough! I'll write about the whole process next Monday when we share our results, but for now, here's a bit of a non-spoiler preview:

30 minutes down, 3.5 hours left! So far, the Loctite is holding fast to the wooden spool I'm using!