Announced: Reaper Artist Conference 2015

Big news today! Reaper Miniatures has announced their next Reaper Artist Conference October 24-25th. In the past, RAC has been a gathering of Reaper artists and sculptors from abroad (like, um, outside of Texas) where they can meet in person with Reaper's home-base-crew to discuss current company projects, share their creative knowledge with one another, and develop new ideas for the next year's convention. Before last year, the event has been closed to the public and I'm pleased to hear that they will be opening their doors once again!

Are you going to be in the Denton / Dallas area towards the end of October?

Posted by Reaper Miniatures on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last year, I attended a few classes both days that I wrote about here:

Long story short, I had a really fun time! I was nervous (as always) and I appreciated that it was a bit of a smaller crowd (not nearly as big as ReaperCon) and they tried out some new class formats (larger classes, videos, new class ideas, etc) that they were considering launching at the next convention. You can read about last year's class lineup on Reaper's site here. I grabbed some special edition miniatures as well as the entire Bonesylvanians lineup. And what's even better is the fact that they'll be launching even more! AW YEAH. 

My "Best Vampire" Reaper Artist Conference trophy just makes my day

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Oh, and I won 3rd place in their contest and "Best Vampire". Best thing about the Vampire trophy? It was custom built and makes me laugh every time. 

I don't know what's in store for RAC this year, but I'm incredibly relieved that it doesn't fall on my best friend's October wedding weekend. Otherwise, I'd just have to skip the wedding-- kidding! Either way, I've been bummed since they pushed back the dates of ReaperCon 2016. This gives me something to look forward to! My job keeps me super-busy and I only get to attend one convention per year. But who knows, that may change soon since my job's in flux at the moment. I'm storing away as much money as I can (no more Kickstarters!) so I'm as prepared as possible no matter what comes of the new "regional restructuring" evaluations. Good thing RAC is free!

Also, as a side note, if I may get on my tiny miniature soap box here... *ahem* Remember that the Reaper crew doesn't have to expand their event to accommodate an Open House in addition to hosting their company guests so I highly encourage you to not be a jerk. Don't go complaining about how RAC isn't long enough or how there are too many people in the free classes. So don't be an ass or we may not get invited back like the crazy aunt who's banned from family dinner parties. That being said, I hope you can attend! I'll either be the nervous girl shuffling through miniatures trying to decide how many of all the things she can afford to buy or the girl cracking awkward jokes during classes and making fan-girl-goo-goo eyes at Derek Schubert (sorry, man!) So yeah, if you can go, awesome. If you can't, I'm sorry to hear it but I'll be sure to write about my adventure so you can live vicariously through my subsequent blog posts. Okay, okay, I better go choose some Bonesylvanians to paint. Or maybe finish projects I've already started. Or not. Oh I'm so excited!!! Activate Spaz Mode. This comes at a great time since I finally have a not-insane-weekend where I can sit down and paint for a decent amount of time for the first time in a month. Okay, better get crackin'. See you next time!