Prepping New Projects

I've been working on a new project: "Fiama" from Cool Mini Or Not. She's a 32mm epic shield maiden for whom I'm starting to build a base. I'm using Vallejo Red Oxide Paste, small rocks, bark, and some twigs and straw. I'll soon use Milliput to fill in the gaps in the bark to make it look more like a rock outcropping. I have no idea what I'll do with the twig. I may try to experiment with some different Silflor MiniNatur leaves from Hangar 18 and add more branches. Luckily, the gentlemen whose commissioned me to paint this has been generous– I can afford to incorporate some new materials and his only request is to "try new stuff!". He's pretty much my favorite person right now and I can't wait to share my discoveries! Every time I try something new, I grow as a painter and it's so wonderful to know I have his full support. I also am appreciate to my friend Loim, who is sending me tiny leaves and bark for basing. He has a great eye for basing materials and I'm excited to challenge myself with using the materials in my new few projects! I'll be sure to post about it and share pictures :)


Moving right along! Next up is my prep work for Reaper's "Cheetah Girl", who up until about 5 seconds ago, I was going to paint like a mountain lion until I remembered the sculpt is named "Cheetah Girl". Hmm, maybe I'll still paint her like a mountain lion anyway, though she'll have a hard time explaining that one to her friends. Oh well. I used some bark, gap filled and sculpted some texture with Milliput, and used cat litter for the rocks (and she's a cat mini, how hilarious is that?) *ahem* Anyway, using clay-based cat litter is good for small, flatter rock shapes. I used a technique similar to what I'm doing for Fiama (above) and here's what the end result will look like when it's all done and primed.

On the right, we have Bombshell Miniatures' Wu Ling Shu, who will possibly be painted in a similar color scheme as Anima Tactic's Obi-Wan Shinobi who I painted a few months back. I still haven't decided. Either way, she's a cute sculpt and I'm looking forward to painting all that beautiful fabric!


Chibi Update! Soda Pop Miniatures' Twilight Knight is coming along well. I still have a long way to go blending her cape up to a silky sheen. It's looking good so far, I'll just need to make the highlights more consistent, a bit lighter, and super-smooth. I'll paint a purple gem in her sword to match the gem on her knee armor as well as experimenting with a bit of Object Source Lighting for the lantern attached to her hip. There's really not that much left to do on her, she's just taking awhile since I have so many other projects going on. She'll get there!