Miniatures of 2014

Happy New Year! I've recently noticed a trend of miniature painters photographing the minis they've painted in the last year-- I think it's a wonderful idea! We should all celebrate our achievements, big & small as we enter 2015. Since I committed myself to the mini painting hobby back in April, I'm amazed how many miniatures I've completed in the last 8-9 months compared to previous years. In fact, I had a hard time grouping them all into the same space. I gave up half way through and ended up cramming the rest together. It reminded me of the annual class photo in grade school. "Short people in the front. That's it, now get closer. Closer... CLOSER! Ok, good. Now say 'cheese!'":

While this year I focused on developing several specific techniques, I also pushed myself to expand my knowledge of speed painting. Below are the miniatures that I painted to the best of my ability at the time, followed by the group of "speed painted" miniatures. (I've included the little Jedi miniature since I painted her in four hours, not including the base). Seeing as 100% of these miniatures were painted between April 2014 - Dec 2014, I think it's been a truly successful year for miniature painting! I can't wait to see what the next year holds. 

2014 miniature collection (4+ hours)

2014 Speed Paint miniatures (less-than-4-hours)

As far as my personal 2015 painting goals are concerned, I want to focus on basing. I consider creating bases for painted miniatures a "necessary evil", and I want to change that perception. While I know overcoming my view of basing will be an ongoing battle (or at least until I get good at it), I'm committed to taking my painting to the next level. I also want to try some freehand and tattoo techniques on a few miniatures. I plan on attending ReaperCon 2015 and I'd like to paint at least two competition-level miniatures to enter into their contest. I think all those goals are realistic-- here's to 2015!