Mind The Gap

I played with green stuff tonight after returning home from visiting family over the weekend. While I wanted desperately to paint, I just didn't have the required focus or energy. I gathered up my Works In Progress and neglected Shelf of Shame miniatures that were mounted to painting pillars (old medicine tubes weighted with coins) and stared at them hoping I'd be struck by inspiration.

I wasn't. However, I did decide to stop avoiding my Kingdom Death pinup since I've yet to attach her head. I have never assembled a miniature that has so many separate parts which results in some tiny gaps. I'm told "Green Stuff" works well for filling these gaps so I decided I'd give it a shot and realized this: I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a sculptor, nor do I have the proper tools for the job. Despite this, I gave it my best effort with a sponge-like blending nib and an Exact-O knife. I mixed the two-part epoxy and rolled think strips to apply to the mini. I admit, I know gaps are supposed to be filled before priming the miniature. However this Kingdom Death mini is for fun and experimentation. Some of the best lessons are the ones learned through trial & error so I've told the perfectionist in me to sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride!

Once I re-prime these sections with thin coats of brush-on primer, I doubt it'll look as sloppy-- that's my hope! I set her aside and will continue working on her tonight after work. Yes, it's Memorial Day and I'm working. I used up all my vacation days for family emergencies and memorial services with just enough left over for my annual miniature convention. I don't mind working today though-- it was important for me to be there for family over the last few months and I wouldn't have it any other way. Today, I'm giving thanks and remembrance to those who made sacrifices to earn us the freedom we enjoy today-- especially my grandfather. Love you & miss you, Lolo!