Marching On

I cannot believe it's March. In the last month, I've experienced both gut-wrenching despair mixed with stubborn, blind hope. We take it one day at a time. Today I'm happy to report that Dad-in-law is stable and has woken up from his coma. We're grateful for every day we have with him. While we've been told his prognosis is "hopeless", he's proved the doctors wrong when they told us each day for a week that he wouldn't last through the night. So we're marching on with fighting spirit-- we're not giving up and neither is he!

That reminds me of a funny prank we used to pull in middle school on March 4. One brave soul would ask, "Teacher, what's today?" He/she would reply "March fourth" and we'd all stand up from our desks and "march forth" out of the room. It never happened of course-- even once we got the desired response, no one wanted to be the first to stand up and march outside. The teachers were usually too smart for that anyway. They'd reply, "What's today? It's Wednesday". Darn. 

I finally was able to get some painting done (more about that below) and was able to fit in a few social gatherings in between. I tried delicious Tonkatsu Ramen for the first time at a local sushi joint as well as Sweet Potato Gnocchi from a "Regal Raviolio" food truck in Austin, Texas the week before South-by-Southwest (SXSW) concert-goers flooded the town. 

Ravioli Food Truck.jpg

Once home, I continued to paint red skin and practice gold NMM on a Reptus Skullbreaker Reaper mini:

Reptus Skullcrusher.jpg

I made some great progress on my Infinity Hacker. It's been a long time since I painted her and I wanted to try my hand at armor. She's a beautiful sculpt and I can finally claim that she's 75% done. I reworked a few parts of her and focused on her helmet, arms, and knee pad armor. The blending takes a long time, but the results are worth it! Without further ado: