It's Back!

The Speed Paint Challenge is BACK! A few months ago, we had a fun thing going where we'd choose a miniature to paint about once a month & share our results on social media. It's a fun way to interact with painter friends near & far and it's always interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Since many of us were part of the previous Reaper Kickstarters, we would choose a Bones miniature for the challenge-- they're great for speed painting and super-affordable too! However, some of our overseas friends weren't able to find Bones as easily as we could here in the U.S., so we switched it up for challenge #4 and painted a Hasslefree miniature of their choosing. 

Everyone's welcome to join-- here are the basics for this round:

THE MINI: Reaper Bones "Darkrasp" 

At $2.79 (US Dollars), you can't beat it!


But you don't have to use it all! Some people paint some epic stuff in 2 hours or less. The standard 4 hour time limit makes these painting challenges beginner-friendly. (The extra time is helpful when painting minis with more detail too).


Again, you don't have to use 'em all, but this comes in handy-- especially when your palette includes metallic paints! 

THE SHARING: Monday, July 27

When you're done, share it on social media and tag your friends-- I personally love Twitter for this! Using #SpeedPaintChallenge  will make it easy for everyone to find & see your stuff!

Want to know more? Here's my full process for Speed Paint Challenge #2 from last September. But don't just look at my stuff-- other painters came up with some great minis too!

Some even posted about their process & results on their blogs:

Excited yet? You should be! If you don't already have this mini, go order it now! We still have a week and a half to acquire and paint "Scroll Guy"! Don't forget, on #MiniatureMonday, July 27th, we'll be sharing our results. I hope you join us! Can't wait to see what you'll do with this guy:

Good luck and happy painting!