I'm alive... and traveling

Back with continued posting tonight-- sorry for the delay! Been traveling to see family and my "out of office" blog post didn't come through. Shame on me! soon. Please accept my apologies in the form of color testing work in progress photos below! :)

I'm trying out an orange mix before I paint it on Carla. I know, I know, I should be further along at this point-- I agree completely! I've gone back and forth on which colors to paint her. I've had some hit-and-miss success with Cat's Eye Base from Reaper's Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set

This is one of those colors that few people have unless they bought this particular paint set. I was lucky enough to acquire this paint (and a few others) from a con friend who'd won the set in a raffle and since he already owned it, he decided to share it amongst the table he was sitting at. Anyway, Cat's Eye Base was one of those paints and it's a nice rusty orange. I've painted with a few oranges in the past with my Troll Axer and the alien in my Space Vignette. However, this paint isn't as bright and the coverage is more transparent. It seems to need a bit more mixing than other paints I've used-- not uncommon, I just need to remember to shake the bottle senseless before I put the paint on my palette. Here's the mix I'm trying out: 

  1. Cat's Eye Base
  2. Pure White
  3. Fallout Grey
  4. Bone Shadow

The pants are a mix of Fallout Grey and Pure white, with Brown Liner as the dark contrast. The orange Cat's Eye Base, Bone Shadow, and Pure White as the edge highlights. For some of the darkest shadows, I've mixed a little Brown Liner into the Bone Shadow for a very thin glaze. I find it's fairly hard to blend the orange into the brown smoothly, and I think the reason is my struggle with the paint consistency/opacity. I'm glad I'm testing this out first before I apply it to my it-has-to-be-perfect 75mm. I should also mention I realize it's very ill-advised to paint light colors on dark primer, but let's overlook that ;) I'm ready to move forward!