Holiday Traditions

Last year, we decided 2015 would be our very first stress-free Christmas. At first, we wanted to escape to Belize, but since that didn't work out for financial and work-schedule reasons, we're choosing to stay home this holiday. I have the day after Christmas off and the guy & I are being hermits and playing video games and painting the following weekend-- glorious! I'll choose my space-themed Reaper Con 2015 miniature entry and see if I can find those Christmas Mouselings I bought last year. Knowing it will be my first year to not spend Christmas with the immediate family, I felt acutely homesick over the past few weeks. Recently, I was lucky enough to swing by & see my folks for a short while and indulge in the foodie goodness that would bring. 

Ahi Tuna Tower

"Breakfast Shot" after dinner - it tastes JUST like syrupy waffles! 

If Christmas trees took selfies

It was nice being able to visit & catch-up. We hung out by the fire, talking and listening to music. I stayed up late to read my Kindle next to their epic 14 foot tree (my mom's motto is "go big or go home"). The fun didn't last long enough though--  early the next morning, I had to hit the road!  

Hitting the open road. 

Later that night, I started thinking: I love the holiday traditions from the "easy" Christmases I enjoyed growing up. All I had to do was sit in a car, play video games, listen to music CDs until we arrived at loving homes where we'd be fed and fawned over for days until it was time to go home. I bet we all have cherished memories of simpler times (thanks to our childhood innocence) and it got me thinking: it's time to make our own holiday traditions, like the 2nd annual Christmas-themed DnD adventure we hosted last Sunday:

I haven't been able to upload & combine those DnD audio files yet, but I'll have time to do it this weekend. Hmm, what other traditions can I contribute to? Maybe I'll make Star Wars gingerbread cookies and seasonal cocktails with d20 ice molds. The hunt is on for the next best holiday tradition!