Life really sucks sometimes. 

I lost my second dad last Saturday. I've been a part of my second family for 7-8 years and, during that time, I came to know a great man who called me "darlin" and met me with big, warm hugs and smiles whenever I saw him. Over the last five weeks, I've watched the people I love suffer, hope, and ultimately mourn the loss of a husband, father, brother, and friend. Goodbyes are incredibly difficult, but what comes next is even harder. Trying to move on after losing someone so special is a heavy burden that only time can help mend.

I was painting when I received the news of his death. Picking up a paintbrush only results in emotional breakdowns and, though I try, painting through teary-eyed, blurry vision is just impossible. I know he wouldn't want us to hurt, and I try to be strong in order to support those I love in their despair. In the meantime, I'll continue my attempts at painting while listening to the classic rock music he loved so much. While it hurts like hell, patching one's life back together after such a loss has never been easy. All I can do is focus on Reapercon 2015 in three weeks, where I'll need to paint a competition-level miniature. I honestly don't know if I can do it, but I'll give it my best effort under the circumstances. I miss him so much. 

Mr Norm