Give Her a Hand, Folks!

Her arm is finally attached, hooray! I'm disappointed that her dagger covers the interesting section of her armor, but I could angle it in a way that wasn't horribly obvious at her elbow socket. I still need to paint her base and fiver her a few touch-ups, but overall, she's 95% done! I'm not totally happy with the lower edge of her dagger, so I'll see if I can add some more interest and shading to it-- probably a small blended dark black just below the midline (which is crooked now that I'm seeing these zoomed-in pictures).

I'm really happy with how her cloak turned out. I wanted to give it a sort of rugged effect like the edges by her face have been faded and worn like leather. While I'm going for the Snow White effect, I still need to give her jet black hair some highlights. 

As far as the base goes, I'm considering adding some snow effects and I'm sorely tempted to add some blood spatter to the edge of her dagger and in the snow at her feet. We'll see what's in store tonight! 

A lovely highlight to my week has been a special care package from Clint & Yeji of Models Workshop (you know, the hoodlums from the podcast). While this has been an especially rough week for me, it lifted my spirits and made me smile-- surprise! I love my new chibi Twilight Knight, thank you! What's even better, they sent me two Halloween-themed straws. (Long story. If you want in on the inside joke, listen to Episode 19 where I think Joe's using straws for some advanced painting technique). Goofiness abound! Either way, I'm really grateful for people I've met through this hobby. I can't wait to paint my very first chibi miniature!