I have quite a few works in progress on my table after taking a month off after a few grueling weeks of work, a death in the family, and catching a really bad cold. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding and I hate to disappear like that. If I do, I'll be sure to post in my blog why I'm out and when I'll be back. In the meantime, I'm working to get my "mojo" back but hopefully it won't take too long before I'm motivated to paint consistently. I've clipped, sanded, and cleaned 5–7 sprues of Kingdom Death pinups, and they'll be ready for assembly as soon as I'm (mostly) done with the To Do List below:

I just filled out my Kingdom Death 1.5 Kickstarter Pledge Survey today (it was surprisingly easy!) and I'm still proud of myself for not getting too caught up in the "but $2,500 is such a good deal" craziness (mostly thanks to my better half). I currently have two pinups on my table, and I often find I'm inspired by anime when painting KD models. For example, the "Leather Pinup" on the left is inspired by Kakashi ("Naruto"). I thought about painting a Sharingan in her eye but the whole point of Kakashi's mask & hair is to hide his Sharingan so I decided against it. The best part will be when I attach the big pig tails. Heehee!

The pinup on the right will be painted with Korra in mind ("The Legend of Korra") with light blue clothing and white fur trim. I'm just getting started on these two, and the one on the right proved very difficult to assemble properly, with funky leg gaps/excessive overlap that I needed to adjust with Liquid Green Stuff and gloss varnish. Hopefully, it'll work out in the end, and I haven't had a mini give me this much trouble in awhile. I've applieda base coat for her skin, but I think I'll end up going a shade darker and then starting the highlights.

Recently, I received my "Secret Sophie" gift, after sending off my own painted mini for the swap. My mystery person sent me chocolates, bases, minis, and a beautifully painted mini titled, "Still Easier Than Herding Gamers" which is awesome since it's a dwarf with a hammer, seemingly herding a cat. I also received a badass illustration of a Beholder– my gift-giver is quite the artist! With everything going on, I was so grateful to receive this– it truly lifted my spirits!! I hope I find out who it was soon so I can properly thank them :)

Since I hope to get back in the swing of things soon, my next project will be working with some variations on the color red, as well as working with fluorescent paints for the very first time. I'll have more for you next Miniature Monday!