Embracing the Interwebs

Hiyo! I've been working on my 75 mm model and the interwebs has been unkind to me lately. I can't seem to properly upload and/or edit the photos in the blog manager without it timing out. After multiple attempts and a late post, I'm just posting what I've got and I'll be able to edit it the photos later. Sorry about that! In any case, I had a new batch of green stuff come in that I've been using to fill gaps and smooth places that I can't quite reach with the files. I'm not using anything special-- just green stuff, a sculpting/blending tool and some good ol' fashioned water. 

I sat down to work on this and started listening to a podcast called "Models Workshop After Hours" and had a nice surprise-- I got a "shout out" during the podcast (~50 min). Nice! Check them out over at www.models-workshop.com. They have a bunch of excellent resources and tutorials on their website. The podcast is interesting, funny, and lightheartedly-crass (which I love). Larry, Yeji, and Clint have a lot of knowledge between them! In the podcasts I've listened to so far, they touch on current kickstarters they're interested in, different modeling and painting techniques, and are 100% serious about helping other people getting better at this craft.

After my poor experience at a local Game Night, they reached out and gave me a few suggestions on hosting/joining online paint groups. I love this idea and I'm super-appreciative for the advice and helpful suggestions! In fact, I've been in contact with Larry who hosts the podcast who's given me tips on an array of microphones to buy in case I might pop into the podcast and say hi and talk about experiences with painting classes (and we know I've taken a TON of painting classes over the last two years at ReaperCon). I'm stopping by an electronics store on my way home to look at a few of the mic options in person. Having a quality microphone would really help with hosting any type of painting group online and I'm even looking at webcams. Right now I have my eye on these:

Blue "Snowball" iCE USB Microphone

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

More to come-- I'll let you know what I find!