Archdomina of Torment

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience while I healed up. I'm feeling much better now.

I completed my very first project where I experimented with weathering pigments. I used the Secret Weapon "Rust Brown" and, at first, tried applying it with a damp basecoat brush. Wow, was that a mistake! They don't mess around with this pigment– it's intense, especially when mixed with water. I had to let it dry and use my scrubby brush to tone it down a bit. Then I applied light washes with a liner brush to the corners of the armor where liquid or dirt might accumulate. I shouldn't have wasted my time trying to blend the armor pieces before applying pigment since any delicate blending gets lost after the application of pigments. (Note to self: when tired of blending NMM, try weathering!) Next time, I'll use a few more layers of pigments for a varied color range.

I also tried James Wappel's "scumbling" technique for the first time on the base. I wet-blended paint that wasn't thinned down in order to create some more interesting texture. I can also easily focus highlights in certain areas. You can see that the skull at her feet almost has a soft spotlight where I blended up to a lighter base color. It adds focus to the miniature– you can tell that she's supposed to be viewed from the front rather than a different angle. I also believe positioning her at a 45 degree angle on the base was more interesting. I'm going to try more of this "scumbling" technique to add more dimension to my bases– it's something that Wappel does incredibly well and I want to level up my basing skills!

Without further ado, here's Avatars of War "Archdomina of Torment", a nasty lady who likes to torture her victims with rusty blades:

Next up is "Fiama" from Cool Mini Or Not. I'm excited to get a new project started!

I have half the day off today, so I'm going to retreat to my hobby room and paint for two hours before we have some company coming into town a day earlier than expected. Honestly, I should go to the store to buy groceries and start cooking for them, but I've been working, cleaning, and running errands all day. So I'll order delivery pizza instead to buy me some time to myself :) Until next time!