Work In Progess · Lord Ironraven

Today's a fairly short post. I'm traveling again, but in the meantime I've made some good progress on Lord Ironraven. He's a Reaper miniature that I purchased in an eBay lot. He was already glued into his base and in overall rough shape when I got him. After some careful cleaning, he's turned out to be one of my favorite Works In Progress! He's my study in painting silky blue fabric and practicing my True Metallic Metal technique (TMM). Most recently I've been working on his leather pants and details on his armor. I'm painting the crosses to look like a more delicate white enamel contrasted with the darker metal armor. I figure a guy running around with silky ribbon attached to his weapon is probably in ceremonial armor anyway. I'd like to work in some blue detail into the crosses to try and tie the blue & white motif together. Here's what I have so far!