Minotaur Monday

Happy Miniature Monday (or should I say Minotaur Monday!) I took a few days off and it was absolutely wonderful. It rained throughout the holiday weekend and I didn't regret sitting out the fireworks this year. I cooked, cleaned, played some tabletop and oh, right, painted! So without further ado:

Silvanus July 6 Complete

I tried to keep him consistent with my friend's original color scheme. Here he is at 95% completion side-by-side with his predecessor & original inspiration:

Silvanus Duo

I got a little carried away with his armor so the dark Bleach-anime-inspired dark metal weapons are pretty boring by comparison. I don't think I understand the concept of "Tabletop Quality"-- I just painted and promised myself I'd be done within a few short sessions over 3 days. I'm getting faster though!

Silvanus' character is pretty obsessed with protecting nature and greenery so I wanted to work in a bit of green paint somewhere on him. I added a few inset green gems and a jade-inspired bracelet-ring-thing on his horn adornments. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out seeing as he's made of cheap plastic and runs about $3.49. Huzzah! Now to find some bubble wrap & paper towels to make sure they both the journey unscathed.