Painting Withdrawals

Work has been intense while I've been running point for my team during a new store opening. I've encountered long days and I haven't had a day off for two weeks. Any downtime has been spent watching the World Cup (yes, I'm a soccer fan) or taking a late afternoon trip to Beaumont  to "get away". In fact, I'm writing this in a race against the clock since I need to get on the road. I'm helping facilitate panel interviews today. 

Needless to say, I haven't painted. And it makes me creatively itchy. I've thought about it often, but knowing how much caffeine is coursing through my system to support my effectiveness at work, I've decided it's a bad idea. My next day off is June 28th and I'm going to paint the &#@% out of some minis. I still need to patch up Maralise after her untimely basing mishap. I've bounced back from my failure funk and I'm positive I can salvage her.

[Update: I did it! Check her out here]

In the meantime, I've realized I need a new painting setup. Currently, I'm painting at an unfinished pine table I bought for $70 at IKEA in 2010 along with its matching chair. It's not a long-term solution. I've been saving up for something better ever since I read Meg Maples' blog post about ergonomic desks & chairs. I've learned many insights from her Arcane Paintworks site and I can't wait to try some of her suggestions!

I admit, I've spent some of that desk/chair money on minis-- in fact, a box showed up yesterday for me and I thought "Wait, this isn't mine!" and when I opened it, they were minis I'd bought on eBay that I'd forgotten about #HoarderProblems.

However, I'm committed to finding a more sustainable desk & chair setup. I want to learn from others' successes. I want to put into my hobby what I hope to get out. It's worth it. I'll take some pictures along the way in my hunt for a new desk & chair-- I'll let you know what I find!